Instant credit in 24 hours.

Regardless of whether tempting business is possible or the checking account is nearing the limit of the overdraft facility: Sometimes with a loan it is not just the approval itself or the loan amount that is important, it also depends on the fastest possible payment.

For many banks, this can take a lot of time, because after an appointment with the bank advisor, he often has to calculate an offer for days. If the prospective loan would also like to compare at different banks, the loan becomes an almost endless story. Banks on the Internet show that there is another way.

Online banks with instant approval

Online banks with instant approval

Most online banks promise a loan for an instant loan in 24 hours. A relatively clear application form must be filled in online so that it can be done so quickly. The prospect only provides the most important information, such as monthly income or current living conditions. On the basis of this information, the conditions for the immediate loan are then determined and it is checked whether a commitment for such a loan can be made.

Because such an inquiry is filled out very quickly, you should apply for an instant loan from several banks in 24 hours. This is because the assessment of the risk potential varies greatly from bank to bank. This can mean that the offers for an instant loan in 24 hours are very different. About 6 – 8% should be possible as an annual percentage rate. In the case of very cheap loan offers, however, it should be checked whether a fee is calculated in advance.

Should practices occur occasionally, but are not reputable. If money is requested before the loan has been paid out, it is very questionable whether the debtor will actually receive the amount in the end. It is also suspicious if the requirements for the loan are very low. An online bank will also demand a permanent employment relationship and will not recognize unemployment benefits as such.

Usually, students or retirees also have less good cards when it comes to getting instant credit in 24 hours. If you have chosen a credible company, you can go into the offer. As a next step, documents such as bank statements or proof of earnings must be submitted in writing to prove the information provided. The loan amount is usually paid out after a few days.

Cream banks particularly quickly

Swiss banks particularly quickly

Cream banks are often a bit faster. Because other than a Cream bank, they do without a Credit Bureau examination. As a result, Cream banks not only provide customers with loans that would be rejected by the house bank. Credit Bureau information often takes a lot of time.

The customer of a Cream bank doesn’t have to wait for that, of course. However, this particularly high speed is also bought with somewhat less favorable conditions: Because monthly income is the only guarantee for Cream banks that the money will really be returned, income must be above the garnishment limit.

A permanent employment relationship outside of the trial period is also a basic requirement, as is the case with Cream banks. But even if these conditions are met, a loan from a Cream bank is comparatively expensive: around 10 – 12% must be factored in for the annual percentage rate. In addition, the loan amount is set at 3500 USD and the term is set at 42 monthly installments. Only a few banks in Switzerland offer instant credit in 24 hours that deviate from these standards.